Monday, November 27, 2017

Squat Sunday: Extra

THE State finals must have given me the squat bug. That and I just felt like I needed to squat. The training response from heavy squats is almost calculable, it's so great. And I have been neglecting my legs, I say it's to save my knees - which is true - but it's also true that squats have a psychological grip on me, more than any other movement or event I perform.

Feeling truly powerless, stapled by a bar you've just learned you're not strong enough to stand under, while the muscle fibres in your quadriceps slowly rip beneath your skin. It's not something I want to relive any time soon. So I dusted off the cambered bar and set up in a rack.

I was by myself in the gym. The enormity of PTC Perth is something to behold and I relished every minute; all the best metal tracks filled it's high ceilings as I took a couple of hundred kilograms for a ride. I stopped short of doing a single of 230, though it felt very do-able. I will save that for next fortnight, when I have less at stake. I wanted to do this now also because it's far enough away from the comp to allow me to recover sufficiently. I did not want to risk an injury this close to the day, even a minor one.

I got a new iPhone not so long ago and once I finished my session I realised that I no longer had the codes to lock up. So I sat out the front in my mighty purple van and waited for Sen and Sam to save me again.

SQUAT Sunday November 26th
Squats w/cambered bar:
50 kgs x 10
90 kgs x 8
130 kgs x 6
170 kgs x 4
190 kgs x 3
210 kgs x 2

HS calf raises:
40 kgs x 15
50 kgs x 15
60 kgs x 15

DB front raises (p/h):
10 kgs x 10
12.5 kgs x 10
15 kgs x 10

super-set w/Face-pulls:
plate 10 x 3 x 20

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