Sunday, August 19, 2018

Events Saturday: Static Monsters Prep wk3

MORE fantastic progress was witnessed today at PTC Strongman headquarters. Our under 90s future champion Special K and the flamboyant under 105s hopeful Honeyberst were already in the thick of it when I arrived. Kyle loading a 60 kilogram stone over a 1.5 meter bar and Chris clean-pressing a 60 kilo log, both for sets of five, from memory. Then young Tim and ugly old Carl arrived, and suddenly it was a party.

Before they moved inside to setup for axle deadlifts, the Lion showed this group of greenhorns a glimpse of his power. A 360 kilogram yoke walk; 20 meters at (by my count) 24 seconds. His heaviest yoke in years, and his leanest bodyweight in decades. The Lion isn't training right now for anything other than himself. But in my opinion he should step up in September with the rest of the crew and represent. He would receive a heroes welcome.

Chris and Tim are prepping for Static Monsters Perth and Kyle for the WA Strongman qualifiers in September - the last chance to earn an invite to states. By the looks of things, they're all going to excel. Static Monsters will be Chris and Tim's first foray into the sport, while Kyle (who was throwing that stone like a man possessed) returns to the WASM qualifying ranks with a score to settle. He wants that podium finish and invite the state championships.

He'll fucking get it, too.

EVENTS Saturday August 18th
Yoke walk (Lion method):
130 kg x 2 x 20 meters
210 kg x 2 x 20 meters
290 kg x 4 x 20 meters

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