Thursday, November 23, 2017

Pull+ Thursday: The Final Pull

I HAVE been experiencing a lot of tightness in my upper lats and traps lately. I got some dry needling done a week ago but needed something more, and scheduling another physio appointment around work has been difficult lately. So I was very relieved when Sen agreed to walk on my back before training tonight.

"I can felt it!" She exclaimed as my vertebrae cracked, releasing the tension I'd been carrying all week. I sank into the floor a little. That was exactly what I needed. After this little adjustment, everything felt good. Well, almost everything. My pulls were strong, and my grip is back to it's previous best, maybe better. I've pulled 230 double overhand before, but this time it felt easier, and I know I could have done a second.

The only downside was the elbow pain that sprang up when doing meadows rows. Just the left one, and it wasn't further aggravated by any other row variations, so even though I dropped the third set of meadows rows on the left side, the session was still solid. I shirked on the cardio though.

I'm back down below 135 kilos bodyweight again, and according to my Fitbit scale, I'm on 27% body fat currently. I'm starting to see veins in my upper arms.

This was the last deadlift session before the GPC push/pull, and I'm feeling very confident of a 170 bench and 330 pull on the day, and hopefully more. At my current weight, that will confirm I'm stronger now than I have ever been.

PULL+ Thursday November 23rd
75 kgs x 10
130 kgs x 5
180 kgs x 3
230 kgs x 1 - beltless, double overhand TPR
280 kgs x 1
320 kgs x 1, 1 PR?
Meadows rows (l&r):
50 kgs x 3 x 10 - quit the 3rd set on the left arm due to injury
HS seated rows (p/h):
57.5 kgs x 3 x 10
Seated row machine (underhand):
full stack x 3 x 12 PR
DB side raises (p/h):
12.5 kgs x 3 x 10
super-set w/Face-pulls:
plate 10 x 3 x 20

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