Friday, November 10, 2017

Events Saturday: Kong Checks In

THE MIGHTY Kong Kania is back home and will be training with the crew - and as much as he can - for the next few weeks. Much like myself, Kong hasn't trained yoke in a good while, so today we kept it sub-300 kilograms. Though, for added fun, I've begun turning at the end of the run when doing two laps with a given weight. A minor change that I believe may assist me to focus on breathing while also working my oblique abdominals. I have been neglecting the obliques and core work that I was doing for my diastasis recti, as part of my squat routine. That is because I've not been squatting at all, and I won't be squatting regularly for the foreseeable future. So I need to reintegrate it somewhere else in my weekly routine.

Kong's log press routine has him doing four rep sets and ten kilo increments - 70, 80, 90, and 100 kilograms. This sorta worked with my own program, so I worked with him but stopped after 90. I did this partly because my program has me doing 100 kilos next week and I didn't want to screw it up right out of the gate for the sake of ego. But also because Kong really wanted to make it competitive and now he has to wait another week.

I again arrived early today to see what assistance I could be to Jacqueline, who is diligently preparing for WASM states. She came so close to pressing a 60 kilogram log today. It was clearly frustrating for her, as 55 she could do comfortably and for reps.

The Lion showed up to see his ward, Alec, owning farmers walk today. 14 total runs of 20 meters with 100 kilos per hand. Carl's programming has gotten Alec so much stronger in the last six months, but the most credit, of course, must go to Alec himself for putting in the time and effort. He is the hardest working member of PTC Strongman... and he doesn't even use social media. Next year, he tells me, he'll be competing. He just wants to make sure he wins.

Log clean-press:
45 kgs x 6
60 kgs x 4
70 kgs x 4
80 kgs x 4
90 kgs x 4

Yoke walk:
130 kgs x 2 x 20 meters
210 kgs x 2 x 20 meters
270 kgs x 20 meters

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