Saturday, November 4, 2017

Events + Press+ Saturday

DAMN but I was tired this week. This was my first session back after Monsters. I didn't plan it that way. I slept for nearly fifteen solid hours mid-week, the night I was spose to resume my prep for the GPC push/pull. So I'm back to playing catchup. But it's what I'm used to. Both training and nutrition have been neglected of late. I'm back down below 135 kilos body weight, so I'm resuming the bulking diet as of now.

Solid session today. It felt good to get back under a yoke again after too long not training it at all. 250 didn't feel light, but it didn't feel heavy either. After this push/pull comp... you know the focus is returning to strongman for 2018.

Time to get back amongst it again.

Saturday November 4th
Yoke walk:
180 kgs x 2 x 20 meters
200 kgs x 2 x 20 meters
250 kgs x 20 meters
Bench press (paused):
bar x 10
60 kgs x 5
100 kgs x 3
120 kgs x 2
140 kgs x 4 x 3
Incline press:
80 kgs x 3 x 10
DB front raises (p/h):
10 kgs x 3 x 10
EZ bar skull crushers:
40 kgs x 10, 7, 6 - stuffed this up, should have been sets of  8
super-set w/Triceps pushdowns:
full stack x 15, 10, 10
HS chest press (p/h):
50 kgs x 6
40 kgs x 2 x 8
super-set w/HS bicep curls (l&r):
15 kgs x 3 x 10
bike 5 minutes @ +50 rpm

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