Thursday, May 23, 2013

2 Years with W.A. Strongman

I made this vid in early June 2011. Nearly two years ago. Look how much we have all changed in that time! Most of the incredibly skilful camera work was done by yours truly, but Gabor caught my first ever log clean-press, forty-eight seconds in.

Here I weigh nearly 150 kilograms, and Dan weighed somewhere around 180, or 397 pounds. Today the scale says I'm 130 again, so Dan has shed more kilos than me overall (and most of his weight loss occurred this year!). As for Joel and Gabz, they've just gotten bigger and stronger. And uglier.

I've mentioned in the past; when I started Strongman training, gave up my home routines, and began actually giving a shit about getting properly strong in every way, is when the transformation really began. Prior to this, I had made marginal progress in my first year, losing ten or so kilos and gaining back eight.

The changes to my physique have taken time. Two years is more time than most people who struggle with obesity are prepared to invest, in order to make life-altering, permanent and dramatic changes. Body recomposition is about learning how to eat for the rest of your life (and in my case, train for as long as possible), allowing for the discipline of those every day choices to gradually manifest as an altered physique. It does not happen with quick fix gimmicks and half-assed attitudes.

These pictures were taken this morning, before heading off to events training. I was walking around at 125 for quite a while there, but I have gained five kilos in the last few months.

I have a 42 inch waist, one 19 inch biceptz (the right is still significantly smaller and weaker) and I am leaner and stronger at 130 than I was last year at 125.

Now that I've returned to proper training again. I'm eating a tonne and (with the help of the SMWA brains trust) tweaking my routines to get as much out of the time I have between now and the next comp. WA Strongman Qualifiers are July 13th.

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