Thursday, January 19, 2012

Weekly Weigh-In & Research Update

This morning I weighed 
135.1 kgs

Back on track and then some! Again, hydration will almost always be a factor here but I'm pretty confidant I won't be going up by much, if I go up at all.

I've been researching sources of fuel - and asking questions about my diet in general - pretty exhaustively since I got home from training last night. The typical Paleo sites were consulted (and one or two more I hadn't seen before, like Paleohacks.

What I have learned is:

1. White rice is much better than brown rice
Brown rice still has it's husk, which is choc-full of anti-nutrients and also contains the trypsin-inhibitor found in SOY *queue ominous organ .mp3* and so prevents the uptake of proteins. FAIL.

White rice if properly washed and cooked is essentially pure starch. This is either a good thing or a bad thing, depending on your health, fitness level and (obviously) potential allergies.

2, Oats are not a good thing (for me)
Essentially oats have about the same amount of gluten as wheat. FAIL.

3. Milk causes Insulin spikes almost as much as white bread
It's not simply the lactose but it's combination with the fats and proteins in milk that create this insulin spike. But the jury is still out on whether milk is a good or bad thing and it's really dependent on your body type and the rest of your diet. For instance, milk supposedly prevents some people from weight loss... not the results I am having, that's for sure.

But if I were still eating processed grains, no doubt my body would not be able to work so well with the milk I consume each day.

4. I need to eat more
2 litres of whole milk equates to about 1200 calories, and accounts for perhaps 70% of my calories each day. But even if I were eating 2000 calories a day, I'd still be about a 1000 down from what I should be consuming if I really want to build strength.

I'm trying to find a happy medium here - so I can keep losing weight while at least maintaining if not progressing in strength. I think another large meal in my day is the ticket.

In other news:
Fish oil is the bomb. I think some of my lack of stamina can be attributed to me being in constant pain while training. Now that's over, I expect better efforts to follow.

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