Thursday, January 5, 2012

Brazil Nuts & Fat Facts

DID you know that brazil nuts are 85% fat?

Did you also know that this is the 'good' fat? And (don't get me started on the whole good cholesterol bad cholesterol bullshit as it's not directly related here but) did you know this 'good' fat helps to lower your 'bad' cholesterol?

In addition to this, Brazil nuts contain only 3.5 grams of carbohydrate per CUP! 250 grams yields that little. The rest is protein and fibre (selenium). 

I eat a small handful of them at lunch with 500 mls of milk. I can't eat anymore, I'm full. And I have a meal like this both mid-morning and mid-afternoon.

The point I'm making is that good, old fashioned and simple foods like meat, nuts, milk and cheese fill you up better than breads and grains, and are better for you.

Many people know this... and yet many of these same people are also reluctant to eat certain foods based solely on their fat content. 

Many people also believe (because they are taught to believe) that the aforementioned 'simple' foods can be made better by removing the fat from them. And this belief, while not inherently stupid, is rendered moot by the fact that naturally fatty foods usually taste like bland shit when you remove the fat. 

So what invariably happens is the fat is replaced with something else. Usually something sweet, but don't assume that means it's plain old sugar. Sucralose, Nutri-sweet, and a myriad of other artificial toxins are used to give flavour to these low-fat, 'healthy' options that are flooding our supermarket shelves.

And when something needs more mass - like a health bar or a low-fat candy bar - the one filler used in horrendous quantities (and the most clear, present danger to testosterone levels ever faced by man) is soy lecithin. It's evil, and it's everywhere.

Messing with the macros of certain foods is setting the cart before the horse; instead, people should be moderating their consumption of certain foods. It seems so logical that anything else is counter-productive.

But it's awfully hard to fight the power, with all the processed white foods (sugar, bread, potato) being sold to us as healthy options; cereals and breads are supposed to be nutritionally important and calorically insignificant. When in fact they are making us hungrier, dissatisfied and in many cases causing a variety of illnesses. They are making us weaker, more depressed, fatter and lazier. They are increasing waistlines and blood pressures, and can be as addictive as alcohol and tobacco.


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