Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Diet Check

Since it's a grow period and I have some time, I figured I'd log my food intake.

I may not end up doing this consistently as I have in the past, because (as I've mentioned before) my diet is already pretty regimented. But I can't afford any slip-ups if I want to do this right.

I need to at least try and keep losing weight while building strength... if not maintaining weight while building strength. It may require a calorie calculator site. I've used them before, but (as I've also said) my weight loss to date has been thanks chiefly to the kinds of foods I do and do not eat, and the kind of training I do. But now it's time to introduce some more math. Basic math - which is the only kind I do. With a calculator. A basic calculator.

Daily Consumption

MEAL 1 - 1 coffee w/1 sugar and milk*
MEAL 2 - milk*
MEAL 3 - 3 dark chocolate buttons, (6 grams total approx weight), 5 brazil nuts, and milk*
MEAL 4 - milk*
MEAL 5 - 2 boiled eggs, 1 tall glass of orange juice
MEAL 6 - boneless roast turkey (245 grams total cooked weight), with a dollop of gravy
MEAL 7 - small bowl of mixed berries, 6 dark chocolate buttons

*I know I've mentioned it before; I consume 2 litres of milk throughout every working day, and about as much most weekends besides.

I'm going to get back at a later date with an estimated number of calories for what I consume daily. Right now it's time to EAT.

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