Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Update on Diet: Who's Counting?

THE calorie counting is over. The diet, such as it was, has been largely abandoned. And I'm eating grains again.

The game has been slowly changing as my abilities have progressed and my fitness levels have increased. As I've demonstrated, my physique is changing dramatically. I don't want to blow my own horn, but I'm getting pretty goddamn big now! This has all got a lot to do with the fact that, in response to my now fully functional training regimen, I am eating twice as much as I used to. Twice, easily.

I am constantly hungry. If I'm awake past 10PM, I will consume at least two meals that evening. Additionally I consume two protein, yoghurt and berry shakes each day, or as often as I can (occasionally time permits only one and on weekends I may have three a day), I still have my two litres of full cream milk Monday to Friday, along with whatever I can get that's convenient and reasonably nutritious for lunch (usually bacon and scrambled eggs from Dome next door). Most of my eating is still done in the evening, but the quantities are such that it's costing me a lot more dough... the price of progression is ultimately always measured in dollars.

On the weekends I eat everything in site. I eat like it's a day-long chore... I eat till I'm sick, and yet still feel hungry. And I'm not gaining fat.

I have also to thank rice. That's correct. Potato had too many negative aspects, and I wasn't about to start eating bread and shit like that again - that stuff was never good for me. But no other grain is considered more easily digestible for the vast majority of humans than rice - and I've never experienced a problem with it - so I went with that. Now I have it with dinner virtually every evening. I rely on it. It's keeping my energy levels topped up, and (so far) has had no detrimental effect on my digestion or my waistline.

If I continue to get leaner as I get heavier (and stronger, of course), then I may have to reassess my concept of what my optimal bodyweight as a heavyweight Strongman really is...

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