Thursday, May 23, 2013

Deadlift Thursday: Six. Hundred. Pounds. Twice.

8 reps @ 60 kgs
5 reps @ 100 kgs
5 reps @ 140 kgs
3 reps @ 180 kgs
3 reps @ 220 kgs
1 reps @ 250 kgs
1 retarded rep @ 252 kgs*
2 reps @ 272 kgs / 600 lbs PR

Seated rows
12 reps @ full stack
10 reps @ full stack
right only: 10 reps @ plate 10
left only: 8 reps @ plate 15
right only: 10 reps @ plate 12 TPR

25 reps @ 100 lbs PR
8 reps @ 100 lbs**
17 reps @ 100 lbs

For some reason the video won't embed, but here is the link to the youtube vid of my best deadlift session so far.

Again tonight I was very thankful I had my Gripped Power Grips 2.0 for the money set. I nearly lost the bar on the first rep, so when I dropped back down I tried to cinch the grips a little tighter. But I'd also just had a face full of fresh ammonia, and the angry squid had it's tentacles all up in my shit. The grips remained dangerously loose, and I - again - felt as though my right hand was about to slip. But the grips held it tight, and I locked it out. Then I let it fall. Eh, it was on it's way.

*Missload. Heh... I didn't load the last 20 on one side. Major gym brain... I was so apprehensive about the lift I nearly shot myself in the foot there, and quite possibly robbed myself of a third rep. But still, two is a solid achievement. I can now confirm that a 300 kilo 1RM is not on the cards, in the next few weeks at least. However come July - and the SMWA qualifiers - yeah, buddy. It will be.

**On my 8th rep (and I'm just glad I remember that much), Dan mentioned that he loved - LOVED - that Premier of ours, mister Barnett. And he did this to make me crack the shits. It worked. I must remember to scream out "Bust a tit!" next time he's doing something equally weaksauce.

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