Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Results of M.R.I. #2

...ARE on a piece of paper, which is probably lying on the floor of the Muscle Pit right now. I remember most of it being positive. With the exception of the fact that I do have another labrum tear. Different labrum, of course. And not nearly as bad a tear.

This one is minor. It doesn't affect the way the hip functions in normal situations. I suggested and the GP concurred that surgery would not be required, but consultation with a sports scientist would be advisable, to get a training program that won't aggravate the tear for a couple of months, allowing it to heal. Well, I am surrounded by knowledgeable lifters who are already helping me with that, so I'm feeling very good about my chances of getting past this without losing much progress.

The new routine on Mondays may involve Zercher squats, but the upper back lockouts and pull-ups will be performed afterwards, as per the recent changes to my Squat Monday template. There really isn't much else that aggravates the tear, so I should be able to play with stones et cetera as normal.

More good news!

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