Saturday, May 18, 2013

Events Saturday: (nearly) Half Tonne Sled

Sled drags
20 meters @ 245 kgs
20 meters @ 245 kgs
20 meters @ 290 kgs
15 meters @ 370 kgs
15 meters @ 490 kgs PR

Keg toss
10 reps @ 13 kgs

Carry medley
15 meters @ 105 kgs (keg)
15 meters @ 120 kgs (keg)
5 meters @ 140 kgs (sack) PR
15 meters @ 105 kgs (keg)
15 meters @ 120 kgs (keg)
0 meters @ 140 kgs (sack)

ALTHOUGH the tonnage of the various trucks I have pulled in competition makes this sled drag seem insignificant, it really isn't. That sled is a bitch, and the damp dusty bitumen makes it harder still to get, and keep, momentum. My quads actually burned more from the initial runs at 245, which I performed using smaller steps but still at as fast a pace as possible. I was deliberately using the same foot speed and gait as I would with a heavier sled. It paid off.

The keg toss was focussed on technique, not pace. We each took many turns (it may have been more or less than 10 for me) with no time limit. I'm finding that getting both the height and trajectory is trickier than it seems.

And I was way better at the carry medley than I was a fortnight ago. Goddamn, but it killed me. The second time around, I couldn't even lap the sack. But last time I couldn't even complete the run (pained waddle) with the 120 keg. So yeah, pretty happy about this.

Here's something I just realised (because I'm not still just totally obsessed with my recent deadlift PR still): From October last year it was a no-go for me for a whole lot of stuff, including virtually all Strongman events training. And of course, deadlifting.

So comparatively, my deadlift hasn't really improved that much in the seven months since I pulled 260 at Amateur Nationals. But my progress looks a whole lot better when you realise I haven't even been able to deadlift for six of them! I began deadlifting again at the start of April. Six weeks later, I've tripled my one rep max.

So, am I generally pretty happy? Hell yes, I am.

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