Saturday, May 4, 2013

Events Saturday: Heavy Ass Keg

Sled drags
25 meters @ 200 kgs
20 meters @ 290 kgs
20 meters @ 410 kgs with rope assist
20 meters @ 410 kgs with rope assist

Keg toss
3 x 13 kgs slow
3 x 13 kgs fast
3 x 13 kgs faster

Keg carry medley
20 meters @ 120 kgs
10 meters @ 105 kgs / 120 kgs
10 meters @ 105 kgs / 120 kgs

Keg front squats
3 reps @ 105 kgs

TODAY we focussed on speed and worked at around 75% of max loading, for most things at least. The 120 kilo keg was a challenge due to it's girth; it was hard to find purchase and hold it high enough to move with.

My shoulder feels almost completely back to normal; I experienced no twinges or weaknesses while performing the keg toss, and was moving faster and throwing higher with each attempt.

I wanted to play around with my SISU hammer today, and possibly use my new grips from Gripped Australia on an axle... but I just didn't have the stamina. Maybe next week.

I expect to be feeling pretty broken tomorrow... squats on Monday should be interesting.

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