Saturday, May 11, 2013

Events Saturday: Heavy Ass Stone

Yoke walk
25 meters @ 135 kgs
25 meters @ 215 kgs
25 meters @ 295 kgs
18 meters @ 335 kgs TPR

Farmers walk
25 meters @ 60 kgs p/h
25 meters @ 100 kgs p/h
25 meters @ 110 kgs p/h
15 meters @ 120 kgs p/h

Atlas stones
5 front squats @ 115 kgs
3 front squats @ 140 kgs PR

AGAIN, this was supposed to be speed day, and again I found myself loading the yoke according to what Dan was doing, and not to 75% of my own max. But that being said, right now I'm not fully integrated into the cube training method being used by Dan (and right now, pretty much only Dan; there aren't many people turning up to training lately) so it's not a major issue if I test where my current max is... and this is a positive outcome. I've made clear progress compared with my last yoke session. I'm only a little way off last year's Nat. Quals round one yoke weight (350) and I'm actually feeling pretty confidant I'll have this event wrapped up in the next couple of months... admittedly I wore two belts for the heavy runs.

The Farmers walk was within 75% of my max, purely for the fact that my right side couldn't handle any more than 120 kilos. I will be working on my grip outside of training by using Dan's Captains of Crush.

Finally, a new record with the Atlas stones was made today. I've never before been able to lap that 140 kilo, let alone stand with it. But once I'd performed 3 front squats, my back decided it had done enough work today, and I couldn't lap it for another set. I had actually been wearing my soft belt on my lower lumbar all session, as I'd been feeling a little fried still from deadlifts thursday. At this stage in my development, even with the manic feeding I've been doing, I'm just not fully recovering in enough time to manage prolonged intensity during a full events training session.

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