Friday, May 3, 2013

Big in India: Say Hello to S.A.W.

AN interesting thing happened this week. Apparently I'm big in India. Some strong Punjabis think I'm a big deal. I honestly don't know where they got this notion, but I'm not about to try and dissuade them of it.

The organisation is called S.A.W. : a fledgling Arm Wrestling and Strength Sports group based in Punjab. Saurabh, a representative of SAW, found me on Facebook some months back. He had various queries on Strongman events, technique, and how to run a successful comp. I asked Saurabh for a summary of what S.A.W. is all about. His response was:

"S.A.W. is the first professional organization which has been started with an aim to restructure Arm Wrestling and Strength sports in a professional manner, to promote strength sports in India, and create a team to represent India at an International Level.

We are associated with professional Arm Wrestling associations across various countries to provide better chances to Indian competitors and impart professional training. The S.A.W. team continuously works on promoting Strength sports in India; associating gyms and sportsmen for creating an wareness of these sports."

Many of Saurabh's queries I was unable to answer properly, as it is extremely difficult to give exercise instruction etc. via correspondence. But I've tried to help where I could. I guess as a thank you for this limited assistance, Saurabh asked me if SAW could make a page about me on their website, to which (disbelievingly) said yes, of course.
The following morning I was sent a link to my page. I have to say... I'm honoured. I don't honestly think I deserve it, but hey! It's great to see the sport of Strongman growing in popularity, and the community at large organising, reaching out across continents, and supporting and promoting each other. It would be great to see a little more of that happening here at home, to be honest.

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