Saturday, May 25, 2013

Events Saturday: The Feeling's Mutual

Yoke walk
15 meters @ 135 kgs
15 meters @ 135 kgs
15 meters @ 215 kgs
15 meters @ 295 kgs
15 meters @ 335 kgs
15 meters @ 355 kgs TPR - 16.98 seconds
1 foot @ 355 kgs

Farmers walk
15 meters @ 100 kgs p/h
15 meters @ 120 kgs p/h
15 meters @ 130 kgs p/h TPR

CONSIDERING the progress I've been making with my deadlifts, the risk of overworking/injuring my back was getting greater each week. Something had to give, sometime, and it was today. The last yoke walk was too much for me; my left lower trap strained and knotted. The show was pretty much over from that point. I'm glad when it happened I was under the yoke, which I could just drop with no issues, and not a less forgiving piece of apparatus, with a worse outcome.

All the same, we had to get something else in. Stones were definitely out today, but a few runs with the Farmer's picks actually produced what I think was a pretty good time with 130 per hand. It wasn't timed, but felt pretty fast for that weight. Right till about a meter from the end when things became unsteady. I completed the run, but dropped them awkwardly, and the pressure on my middle back was at a point where continuing on with training would have been very unwise. Dan was actually in much the same condition... so we called it a day.

I am contemplating just not getting out of bed tomorrow.

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