Thursday, October 25, 2012

Surgery Update

THE update isn't much of an update. In fact, the whole surgery thing is a non-event as of now. While I'm conscious of how long it's going take for me to come back from this (and so I want to get it done and get healing ASAP), I'm not sure doing this and then hopping a flight to Brisbane and driving a rental car to Lismore with one arm in a sling and a newly-relocated biceps tendon... is such a good idea.

And as I've mentioned, I want a second opinion from a surgeon who has worked with guys moving really heavy weight. But a second opinion is going to take another few weeks, so everything is cancelled until after ASM. Which is really a better plan.

So, depending what surgeon #2 might say, I'll be under the knife some time in December and will have the xmas break to sloth it in my lazyboy and recover. 

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