Monday, October 22, 2012

Squat Monday: Day 1 of Rehab Training: More Volume Baby

Squats w/cambered
10 reps @ 30 kgs
8 reps @ 70 kgs
6 reps @ 110 kgs
3 reps @ 150 kgs
8 reps @ 170 kgs PR

Good mornings
10 reps @ 30 kgs
10 reps @ 50 kgs
10 reps @ 70 kgs
8 reps @ 90 kgs
8 reps @ 110 kgs

45 back raises
10 reps @ BW +24 kgs kettle bell
8 reps @ BW +32 kgs kettle bell

THE PLAN originally wasn't to top out at 170. The plan was to build up to 200 or 205 and go for 4... because I just refuse to go backwards in weight even though it's the smart thing to do. But last minute coaching advice saved me from another disappointing squat session.

My previous PR for reps @ 170 kilos was 5 - and that was August 27th, so less than 2 months ago now. Nine weeks exactly, in fact, but who's counting? I am. Tonight was first run for the heavy/light squat/GM routine, and it went pretty well.

Going to organise a referral to another surgeon tomorrow, for a second opinion. This is the guy who fixed Dan's detached pec and declared "It's not coming back out or I'll fix it for free" when he was done.

Back to training Wednesday. I'm keen to test this rack pull thingy out and improve my DB press.

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