Thursday, March 1, 2012

Deadlift Focus - Serious Improvements

10 reps @ 60 kgs
8 reps @ 100 kgs
8 reps @ 140 kgs
5 reps @ 190 kgs - 1 rep less than my best effort & I knew I had at least one more tonight
4 reps @ 200 kgs PR
3 reps @ 205 kgs PR

Lateral Pulldowns
10 reps @ 100 kgs PR
8 reps @ 100 kgs PR
7.5 reps @ 100 kgs PR
8 reps @ 90 kgs

*I performed a set of 8 Dips here. I just wanted to see if I could do a few... it's been a long while since I moved my bodyweight with just my triceps!

Pinwheels (weight p/DB)
6 reps @ 40 kgs
6 reps @ 37.5 kgs TPR (...picked up the wrong pair)
6 reps @ 35 kgs
6 reps @ 30 kgs

That's a lot of green. I took the time to check my logs, and can confirm they are all legitimate personal bests (apart from the gunzwork). Add to this, I have today been operating on about 5 hours sleep because the jack3d I took last night kept me awake till after 1AM and I have been starting work an hour early this week.

One notable difference to my diet during the previous 24 hours; I did not eat dinner till 10:30PM. I had a bun-less double quarter pounder with cheese (850 calories w/bun). Everything else was completely standard; 2 litres of milk, a bit of chocolate powder for flavour, and a very small handful of brazil nuts and almonds.

So why the dramatic strength increase? Well, a number of factors are at play, but the main one is the very late dinner. I've read several articles advocating carb-loading in the evenings, based on the assertion that the meal eaten the night before training has more impact on strength and energy levels than the meal(s) you consume during the day.

While I didn't 'load carbs', I did load. And it did work.

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