Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Static Monsters Prep wk4 & Press+ Tuesday

I GOT maybe a third of the work done that I'd intended for Saturday. My wrist complaint - while improving - is not improving fast enough. I knew after axle deads that clean-pressing was not going to be a smart choice, so I moved on to yoke and, after a few runs, was felled by a debilitating lower back pump that didn't release for over an hour.

And last night's press session was another false start. I'm still not able to move anything above 70 kilograms without significant pain and weakness in the hand itself. My grip is compromised. I know it's healing as it's not bothering me as much as it used to. Now only when I clean-press. I had no choice but to scrap log for a third week running.

It is fortunate that Static Monsters (and the state finals, for that matter) are a good two plus months away. I still have the opportunity to recover from this and start an effective 6 week program in September.

EVENTS Saturday August 25th
Axle deadlifts:
80 kg x 10
130 kg x 5
170 kg x 3
210 kg x 3
250 kg x 3 x 6
Yoke walk:
130 kg x 2 x 20 meters
210 kg x 2 x 20 meters

PRESS+ Tuesday August 28th
Log clean-press:
50 kg x 5
70 kg x 5
scrapped - wrist injury
Bench press (paused):
60 kg x 5
100 kg x 11
Incline BB press:
75 kg x 10, 10, 8
DB front raises (p/h):
12.5 kg x 4 x 10
super-set w/Triceps pushdowns:
full stack x 4 x 15
Axe-swings (l&r):
plate 9 x 3 x 10
HS chest press (p/h):
27.5 kg x 3 x 20
super-set w/HS bicep curls (l&r):
15 kg x 3 x 10

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