Saturday, August 11, 2018

Events Saturday: Static Monsters Prep wk2

STEADY, higher-volume base-building will be the meat of my training in the weeks to come. I gave my wrists a rest and did not log press today. I will be axle deadlifting again late in the coming week, which means I will likely take a break from pulling again on the Saturday, but will log press both Saturday and the prior Tuesday. I will attempt to repeat this rotation for both log press and axle pull for as long as I can. Once I feel myself beginning to deteriorate from the repetition, I have the option to drop back to performing these events once per week while still working the program effectively. And adding in a dedicated leg day on a fortnightly basis for good measure.

This is all theoretical, of course. I've not ever trained using this approach before. I have attempted to utilise new variations of loading phases, volume, intensity and regularity, while paying more attention to my weaknesses, spending more time on events, and avoiding burn-out.

I did one more yoke run than programmed today, just to give that lower back pump a final 'fuck you too' before calling the session.

EVENTS Saturday August 12th
Axle deadlifts:
65 kg x 10
115 kg x 5
155 kg x 3
195 kg x 3
220 kg x 3 x 8
Yoke walk:
130 kg x 20 meters
210 kg x 6 x 20 meters

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