Thursday, November 15, 2012

Improvisation Thursday: New, Sweaty Equipment

Leg Press
12 reps @ 165 kgs
12 reps @ 205 kgs
12 reps @ 245 kgs
12 reps @ 285 kgs
12 reps @ 325 kgs
10 reps @ 365 kgs PR... and double my reps in my set at this weight October 29th

45 degree back raises
10 reps
10 reps +24 kgs KB
10 reps +32 kgs KB

10 reps @ 22.5 kgs
10 reps @ 27.5 kgs
10 reps @ 30 kgs

Shannon is Retarded*
10 reps @ 22.5 kgs
10 reps @ 42.5 kgs

THE intention was to take it easy tonight. I have dropped one session this week to assist with recovery and tonight was a deload. My knee complaint didn't resurface. Hopefully it won't tomorrow morning either. My legs nearly failed me when I got up from that last set of leg press. I wanted 12, just for consistency, but it wasn't gonna happen. Still a decent PR for reps. Not that leg press PRs are worth shit.

I saw Shaun and Shazza performing an exercise involving a safety squat bar, and lying your torso over a glute & hamstring raise machine while standing. The movement is designed to isolate and strengthen the upper back. It's something I had been planning to use on Wednesday nights, in place of the hip-thrusts which - combined with all the squatting - have been burning me out beyond reasonable recovery time each week. So I tried this out after the sweaty, smelly bastards were done with it and figure it will be a genuinely useful exercise, with enough weight.

About a month back, a big round guy got angry at me for changing his music without notice, and I accused him of (amongst other things) being a pissweak lifter. Remember that? It apparently was a whole big thing. Well, tonight Ben benched a comfortable 150 kgs, followed by an almost as comfy 155 (that's 342 lbs for the folks in the US); 20 kilos over my best ever bench (some of you might remember when I used to bench) - and paused, too.

Ben says he's just 5 kilos off his strength levels of a few years ago, and plans to make a return to meets in 2013. Nicely done mate, I take back what I said. I'm just thankful for the vintage Metallica on the stereo while we both did our heaviest work of the night.

*I asked Shaun the technical name for this exercise, and this was his reply. Crazy, drunk fucking Irish.

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