Saturday, July 28, 2012

My Invite to the Strongman Amateur National Championships!!

THIS morning I checked my emails and found something sent yesterday from a fellow named Scott Jones in Queensland. Scott, as it turns out, is the man in charge of the Strongman Amateur Nationals. And he was emailing to tell me my scores in the qualifying rounds had earned me an invite. It took a few minutes for the enormity of this to sink in. 

At the start of 2010 I quit smoking, and a few months later began exercising again for the first time in nearly a decade. I weighed over 150 kilograms and was an alcoholic. About one year ago now I met Dan Macri and the rest of Strongman Western Australia, and began training strongman events on weekends.

Today I've kicked both the booze and the smokes permanently. I’ve devoted myself to training Strongman 4 days per week. I've lost over 25 kilograms of body weight while building significant, functional muscle mass and bone density. And now I've qualified to compete in the National Amateur Strongman Championships! And through all this, I have remained 100% natural.

...though I have been taking Jack3d which, from August 1st, will be considered a category 9 drug and I will no longer be able to consider my achievements 'naturally' attained. And as a side note, because of our wonderful and informed government, if I continue taking it I may also be considered a criminal. The whole situation is ridiculous, but I digress - I will call that spade a fucking spade in a later post. 

Now I don't have any pretentions about doing very well. At all. This is going to be a fight against big dogs with a wide variety of abilities, experience and of course strength that I do not as yet have. I'll be lucky if I'm not one of the weakest in my weight class, and it wouldn't matter to me if I was. Not this time around, at least.

So, after reading the email and doing some sort of lumbering caper (*happy dance*) for a few moments, I had barbeque lamb ribs for lunch. Now I’m chugging my third protein shake of the day (cut = ancient history), looking online for a deadlifting suit (they’re allowed for some reason) and Olympic shoes (which will be beneficial for some events), and of course cheap flights to Queensland!!


  1. Dmaa the twin ingredient in jacked has been on the WADA banned list for a long time now. Athletes have been banned fir its use. Just fyi. Still bullshit though