Saturday, April 21, 2012

Events Training Saturday: Blinded by Yoke

Yoke walk
15 meters @ 205 kgs
15 meters @ 285 kgs - dropped it once, lost my vision briefly
15 meters @ 285 kgs
12 meters @ 325 kgs - just couldn't finish it!!

Sled drag
15 meters @ 200 kgs
25 meters @ 240 kgs - took a minute to catch my breath, turned around,
25 meters @ 240 kgs
25 meters @ 280 kgs PR

Log clean-press
5 reps @ 52 kgs
3 reps @ 72 kgs
1 reps @ 92 kgs - felt clunky and took a few attempts
1 reps @ 92 kgs - much easier
+2 cleans @ 92 kgs - BB log

I'M A little pissed about the weak yoke work. Even though as I rolled out of bed this morning I was certain more [heavy] yoke would not be a good idea today, I just HTFU and gave it a go. We will see if tomorrow I pay for that just a little.

The first run at 285 was strange. My vision blurred and then everything seemed to slide to the left, which made me feel like I was lurching to the left even though apparently I was not. Then my vision went completely for an instant and I just dropped the weight and took a few seconds recovery. I felt weird when I completed the run too... light headed and tipsy.

Sled drag (which we're performing with a harness to simulate Truck pull) is a bitch. That's all I'm going to say about that.

The Big Boy log cleans felt strong, actually, but still no cheddar with the press. But as I've mentioned, next week I begin a new schedule, training OHP alongside Dan. So I expect to see a return to my strength levels of last year in no time. A safe bet would be that I improve on 2011 records in OHP by the end of July.

I'll be back at the Pit tomorrow morning to help with some odd jobs need doing around the new Strongman equipment pen.

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