Saturday, March 31, 2012

Shit shit shit Shit SHiT SHIT

I was assisting with the first flight of competitors on the squat, loading and stripping the bar (and not doing a good job with the mono lift - first time). I couldn't tell you what did it, but my right elbow got jarred and started hurting like a sumbitch. Worse than it has in a while. And it wouldn't quit.

I've applied some voltaren, iced and bandaged, and now am sitting on my ass wishing I could shake this freaking injury and stop it from coming back.

My endoscopy is tomorrow morning (since we're on the subject of ailments) and I'm looking forward to finally knowing what it is I'm so intolerant of. I'm going to be drugged out and so likely not training Monday night. In fact if the drugs are that good I plan on dimming the lights and watching some blurays.

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