Saturday, April 28, 2012

Events Training: Fat Boy on a Diet

Yoke walk
15 meters @ 205
15 meters @ 205
15 meters @ 205
15 meters @ 245
15 meters @ 285

Truck pull / Sled drag
25 meters @ 200 kgs
25 meters @ 200 kgs
25 meters @ 240 kgs
25 meters @ 240 kgs

Log clean-press
5 reps @ 52 kgs
4 reps @ 72 kgs
1 reps @ 90 kgs with Fatboy, TPR

Hexbar deadlifts
3 reps @ 100 kgs
5 reps @ 140 kgs

TODAY I enforced a deload session, as I'm starting to think the heavy yoke is having an impact on my strength levels come Squat Monday, and I'm tired of loitering around the 170/180 kgs mark for low reps. I want 200 and I want it soon.

Also today, our Big Boy log (henceforth known as Fatboy) came back from fat camp with his handles relocated, his tines straightened and perhaps a couple of kilos trimmed off (he's not been officially weighed yet). He now adheres precisely to all specifications. This is why today, for the very first time, I pressed his ass.

Yoke walks at 205 and 245 were all quick and easy, and 285 was (obviously) not a challenge, though I'm a bit annoyed I didn't pick it up correctly the first time and had to drop it again immediately and reposition my feet. No big deal, and the only drop, but it costs seconds in a comp.

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