Monday, February 20, 2012

Gained Weight, Dun Haz No Pants

Not many of you will get the significance of the title. Those who do may be chuckling a little...

On saturday I weighed 133.5 kgs, and had been there all week. This morning I weighed 134.

This wasn't planned, though not completely unexpected, since I've been eating slightly more... not enough to have caused fat gains, I am pretty certain: I'm still eating generally clean foods, no alcohol and no excessive sugars.

But this is the genuinely unexpected thing: I'm slimmer. Up until the weekend just gone I had perfectly serviceable house trousers (you know, the daggy duds you wear when no one's around) which were loose but still stayed on, pretty much. Now they just slide right off.

I'm down to the last notch on my fat guy belt (52 inches) which has been with me for several years... this also happened this weekend.

I can't explain it, really. Hopefully I'm synthesising more lean mass, which is causing the increase in weight. Preliminary indications are positive, at least... we'll see where I'm at in another week.

Final piece of anecdotal evidence: I just couldn't get a properly fitting pair of pants on Saturday. Now my waist is smaller (112) but my thighs are too big for that size!! Guess I'll still be shopping at Kingsize big N tall a little while longer...

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