Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Brief Word on Dan - WA's Strongest Man

...that was last week. This week Dan made 410 kgs x1!!

Dan injured himself a few months ago at the Muscle Pit's 'Deadliest Deadlift' competition (video below). He completely detached his right front pec. It hasn't stopped him hitting the iron, and hitting it hard. He's itching to deadlift again but knows he's still got some healing time ahead of him and has to take it easy.
And it hasn't stopped him helping others in their training either; Dan (and the rest of SMWA) still run Strongman training clinic every Saturday at the Pit. It's primarily for Pit members, but people off the street are welcome (though numbers are limited, so getting there at 2PM sharp is an advantage!) $20 will get you a solid 3 hour session of Strongman events instruction and training.

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