Saturday, May 27, 2017

Squat Thursday: Gains & Migraines

THINGS DIDN'T feel quite right tonight. Breathing is still a little inhibited. Appetite is still poor. I arrived dehydrated and undernourished, and quickly developed a headache thanks to whatever the fuck that noise was on the stereo.

Jeremy Hogg was training, so of course we had a chat. I told him I was working on a blog piece exploring some of the concepts we discussed during events last weekend (I guess now I have to finish it, or make a liar out of myself), and he gave me a rundown of his current training regimen. In short, it's nuts. The man is planning on doing shot put at the Commonwealth games, so there's a large amount of mobility and speed work on his plate between then and now. PTC Strongman look forward to seeing him bring home the gold.

My session was certainly not gold medal material. On the second rep of my last set, something felt off. I wavered on the way up, the bar swung just a bit too much and there was a strain in my right hamstring as I corrected.

I shakily re-racked and decided I'd wait for my heart rate to come down a bit before at least finishing the last two reps. Problem was, my BPMs didn't drop below 125. I waited for maybe ten minutes, till my quads had gone cold and my knees were starting to sing about their efforts. Still, my heart rate wouldn't slow.

Again: 2200 calories consumed, 5100 calories expended. This is not how you train, and definitely not how you get stronger. Disappointed, I went home.

Stretch w/foam roller

Squats w/cambered bar:
50 kgs x 10
95 kgs x 5
135 kgs x 4
175 kgs x 3
205 kgs x 4, 4, 2

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