Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Press+ Tuesday: Wheezer

MOTIVATION was low tonight. I'm still coughing up colourful goop and finding breathing a challenge. For some reason I was also not hungry most of the day, resulting in a significant drop in energy. I crammed some tuna on rye and a protein shake in before heading off. All up I reckon I consumed only about twenty-two hundred calories through the day, while my Fitbit tells me I burned well over five thousand. If I were to keep this up, the gut would disappear soon enough, along with my ability to get stronger. And I'm not doing all this for more visible abs, or to be 'shredded for Stereos' (LOL, anachronism), so I better find more easy-to-consume food sources.

With the energy deficit and blocked airways I just didn't have the stamina to hit all intended reps on bench tonight, but I did make my numbers on OHP, so it's not all bad. And I had a brief play around with PTC Perth strongman's latest toy; a 10 inch log used in last year's Australia's Strongest Man at the Arnolds. It's a tidy unit indeed, and weighs the same as our next-biggest log, the pink 8-incher we picked up from former WA's strongest woman, Asha Tracey. The crew are all itching to have a go.

I skipped my cardio tonight. Even so, the session was a solid two hours. Eating dinner post-training at around ten o'clock, followed by lights out, is fast becoming standard practice.

PRESS+ Tuesday May 23rd
Bench press:
bar x 10
60 kgs x 5
85 kgs x 3
105 kgs x 1
120 kgs x 7 FAIL
Axle OHP:
40 kgs x 8
70 kgs x 3
90 kgs x 4 x 4 PR
Seated French press:
30 kgs x 10, 5
25 kgs x 10, 7
super-set w/Triceps push-downs:
full stack x 3 x 20
full stack x 15
DB front raises (p/h):
10 kgs x 4 x 10
HS chest press (p/h):
32.5 kgs x 3 x 10
32.5 kgs x 9
super-set w/HS bicep curls (l&r):
10 kgs x 3 x 10

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