Saturday, January 12, 2013

Non-events Training Saturday: 1 Armed Bench

January 13th 2013
1-arm Bench press
10 reps @ 20 kgs
10 reps @ 30 kgs
10 reps @ 35 kgs
9.5 reps @ 40 kgs

1-arm Seated rows
10 reps @ plate 14
5 reps @ plate 16
8 reps @ plate 18 PR

1-arm Pinwheelz
10 reps @ 20 kgs
10 reps @ 25 kgs
10 reps @ 27.5 kgs
10 reps @ 30 kgs

1-arm Tri pushdowns
10 reps @ 55 lbs
7 reps @ 60 lbs
3 reps @ 65 lbs
16 reps @ 50 lbs PR

THE BENCH press was interesting... I haven't felt a pump in my pecs for I don't know how long (well, just the left, but anyway) and I nearly failed on my face. Nearly. Must get the hang of this when I go heavier next week. I'm sure I could work up to 10 reps of 50 or more. My left side is much stronger now, and this is a novel new way of testing that fact, and further strengthening it. While working on my left-side-only aesthetics, which of course are my main concern.

And how about this shit?! I've been published on Nick Horton's Weight Lifting Academy! Nick approached me for a piece over the holidays, and I was happy to oblige. The piece I wrote, the working title of which he astutely abbreviated to Nourish and Destroy, is more of the same self-involved ranting I do here. Only now I've got Olympic lifters from Texas scrutinising my neuroses too.

I've already planned out what I'm gonna squat and GM Monday night.

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