Saturday, September 22, 2012

Events Training Saturday: Last Session Before Am Nats

shoulder warmup

10 reps @ 60 kgs
8 reps @ 100 kgs
6 reps @ 140 kgs
2 reps @ 180 kgs
1 reps @ 220 kgs
4.5 reps @ 250 kgs / 551 lbs PR

DB OHPress
10 reps @ 20 kgs
5 reps @ 30 kgs
left 5 reps @ 40 kgs
right 3 reps @ 40 kgs - feeling better, but still just not feeling right at the top
left 1RM @ 50 kgs PR

15 meters x2 @ 205 kgs
static hold: 10 seconds @ 285 kgs - felt fine
static hold: 20 seconds @ 365 kgs

*Clean-pressed an 80-85 kgs axle here. Bad idea.

Farmers walk
25 meters @ 60 kgs p/hand
static hold: 25-30 seconds @ 140 kgs p/hand PR

PRETTY buggered after that. Stamina just wasn't there today. Ate like a fiend last night, and even inhaled a burger about an hour into training. I feel I've at least caught up on the rest of the week I missed. And getting under a heavy(ish) yoke and walking away not broken was a definite bonus... just hope I can manage something on the day.

That fifth rep at 551 lbs I pulled to about my knees, but it wasn't budging further. Very happy with the 4 though - an even tonne moved in 4 reps is proper, heavy ass lifting no matter how you cut it. The only man I know personally who could call it 'mediocre' (and did) is WA's strongest man Daniel Macri.

Thanks Dan.

So one of my coaches has advised that I not do any training at all this week. I had hoped to hit one more squat PR on monday, but alrighty then. I'll just spend the next few days psyching myself out on the couch.

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