Thursday, September 6, 2012

Events Training Saturday September 1st: OhWTFagain

Yoke walk
2x 15 meters @ 205 kgs
15 meters @ 245 kgs
15 meters @ 285 kgs*
static hold 10 seconds @ 365 kgs*
*Both of these felt shithouse. Right shoulder damaged again. fml. But in spite of this, I tried out some axle clean-pressing, and messed with it a little more.

Axle clean-press
2 @ 75 kgs
...didn't think it was wise to keep this up.

Truck pull / sled drag
15 meters @ Pajero +240 kgs sled
25 meters @ Pajero +290 kgs sled

Log clean-press
3 reps @ 60 kgs Yeah. Nah.

Farmer's walk
25 meters @ 60 kgs p/hand
25 meters @ 100 kgs p/hand
25 meters @ 130 kgs p/hand

Atlas stones
2 reps @ 115 kgs
0 @ 140 kgs stone*
*And on attempting this lift, something in my left forearm felt like it detached from it's insertion in my elbow, or something like that. Yeah, and I'm also injured here now. Woot.

SO... I've been putting off this entry because it's just so much fail. While my farmer's walk with 130 kgs was far from my PR at the national qualifiers for time, it's good to know I can still do it after that frigging truck pull. The truck pull was also a highlight of the day. It destroyed me.

But I'm injured again, and in new places. I couldn't raise my right arm above my head without some interesting pain for a couple of days after this session. And I will have to wait till the weekend to see my physio... the guy is getting pretty popular.

I also had to continue with the cambered bar for squats on monday night.

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