Thursday, September 20, 2012

You Know

I get pretty fucking sick and tired of being sick and injured. I hate more having to dwell on that shit, because it's not getting me any further ahead. But seeing as I'm pretty much stuck here I might as well do a recap and then it's recorded and I can move the hell on.

I got food poisoning monday night, after my squat session. I eat so unvaried, such basic and trusted foods that I am rightly annoyed this could happen anyway. It must have been the frozen mixed berries in my PWO shake. The only other thing I'd had at that point was 2 litres of milk, and for dinner I ate some chicken that I'd had the night before and was still fresh and good, though my stomach at this stage was feeling odd so I only ate a little... not good for gains, I know.

What was worse for gains came next; leaking and projecting from both ends all night and over the next 2 days. The vomiting stopped about 7am, after I'd retched up what I guess was every seed that had been in that shake. After that I could take a sip of water and keep it down.

To add to the drama, this happened the night before my appointment with the Orthopaedic surgeon who, I mistakenly thought, would be performing an MRI. Turns out that takes at least 3 weeks to organise. I walked out of his office short a couple hundred dollars, but with an Xray and an inconclusive 2nd opinion which had nothing to do with the rotator cuff, something he called 'general instability' which amounted to *scratches head* duh-I-dunno. Just to make sure I go ahead with that MRI, coz that will diagnose and solve my issues finally.... right? The only solid assertion made by the surgeon was that, for a strength athlete, I have "pretty small" humeral ball joints.

That was Tuesday. Wednesday I spent half of on the can and the other half drinking sachets of salty orange flavoured crap and popping Imodium. Last night and today I've been getting solid food in me and am feeling more or less back to normal, but still too weak to justify training. I lost 3 kilos in 40 hours, along with my PWO nutrients and, presumably, most of my gains from Monday night's squat PR. I need to eat more first.

So this has been almost all of the second-last week before Amateur Nationals. I'm going back into training saturday - my last events training session before the big one - even weaker and more behind than I was when the week started. Literally.

But here's the take home piece: This doesn't change my goal. It won't stop me from competing, it won't stop me from getting stronger. It's a slice of my sometimes sandy vagina, and it amounts to one emo side note amongst years of solid gains and positive improvements on my road to being truly strong.

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