Thursday, June 28, 2012

June 19th: Some Pressing

Strict OHP w/barbell
8 reps @ 60 kgs
5 reps @ 65 kgs
5 reps @ 75 kgs
3 reps @ 80 kgs

Incline bench press
8 reps @ 60 kgs
5 reps @ 70 kgs
8 reps @ 80 kgs

I forgot to warm up before starting the session, and I'm suspicious that everything went pear-shaped because of it. I stretched after my OHP, and unracking the bar for my first set of bench press, my right shoulder felt loose and clicky, and I didn't feel like I was in control of the bar.

I cut the session short and split.

Here begins a week's break from training.

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