Thursday, May 24, 2018

Pull+ Thursday: Pop Goes the Hamstring! (285kg x 3x3)

I WRITE my own programs, so I have only myself to blame. After the third triple of 285 I actually contemplated canning the last set and getting on with the rest of the routine. But the program called for a fourth and I was feeling strong. The enforced down time had reinvigorated me and I felt like I could and should finish up my money sets.

The really ironic thing is how my greatest concern just before I began the last triple was that I not fail a rep (and I have written on this subject in the past). I didn't give the slightest consideration to my hamstrings; they felt fine. I'd swapped to straps after the first set to ensure my grip wasn't a liability... I was wearing my belt a little higher to keep Quaid tucked in tight, but breathing wasn't a major issue as triples aren't exactly cardio.

Good to go, I thought. My right hamstring popped as soon as the bar left the platform. Right now it feels like a strain or a minor tear, so nothing serious. I'm more pissed off than anything really. This is another setback to my training.

PULL+ Thursday May 24th
75 kg x 10
125 kg x 5
175 kg x 3
225 kg x 1
255 kg x 1
285 kg x 3 x 3 PR

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