Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Press+ Wednesday: A Lot Stronger

My overhead press hasn't improved in years. Not in any official sense, at least. The last time I needed to overhead press a 120 kilogram implement in competition (the third in a medley) was 2015, and I failed to do it then just like the time before that and the time before that. In the nearly three years that have transpired since that comp I've had a couple of injuries that have stalled my progress in general, but my press has suffered the most.

Regardless, I have been diligently training my overhead over the years, and now it's finally time to reap the benefits. Those reps of 115 are some of the smoothest and most comfortable I've done. I am pretty excited at the prospect of repping 120 next session, and busting through that ceiling. Then it will be time to see how many clean-presses I can do with the same weight.

Tonight's press session felt pretty damn good in general, actually.
Axle strict OHP 115 kg x 4

PRESS+ Wednesday March 7th
Axle OHP (strict):
35 kg x 10
55 kg x 5
75 kg x 3
95 kg x 3
115 kg x 4 PR
Bench press (paused):
65 kg x 5
95 kg x 3
115 kg x 8
45 degree Incline DB press (p/h):
25 kg x 5
35 kg x 5
40 kg x 11 PR
Triceps pushdowns:
full stack x 20, 15, 15 TPR
super-set w/DB front raises (p/h):
12.5 kg x 3 x 10
HS chest press (p/h)
40 kg x 4 x 10
super-set w/HS bicep curls (l&r):
20 kg x 2 x 10
15 kg x 2 x 10

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