Tuesday, September 26, 2017

PRESS+ Tuesday: Vigour

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STILL feeling strong and eager to get stronger, tonight I tipped the PTC scales at 141 kilograms bodyweight. When I entered the gym I met Sen; a woman who I had seen around the place, but had not interacted with before. As I sat down to put my shoes on, Sen asked me how my training was going and seemed genuinely interested in my answer, so I gave her a rundown of what I'd been doing lately before getting stuck in.

The curious thing is that Sen already knew my name, but not that I am the PTC Strongman coach.

To save my joints I have removed log clean-press from this routine. This will give me a mandate to work in on Saturday with the team. I also plan on deadlifting during the clinic, as I need to squat this week (most likely Thursday). Losing the overhead aspect is not the only change I have made to this 'Press Plus' routine. The rest is as per the template I wrote months ago, which has served me well, but I have dropped the fourth set on a couple of exercises, constraining the accessory movements to eighteen sets total in expectation of the progressive overload taking its toll. I intend to work up to 100 kilogram incline benches and 60 per hand Hammer Strength chest presses for sets of eight to ten.

I also intend to get a proper night's sleep some time soon, but it's been difficult lately. Muscles repair and grow when at rest, and it's vitally important that I sleep during intense training cycles like this one. Evidently the melatonin has been working... I need more.

PRESS+ Tuesday September 26th
Bench press (paused):
bar x 10
60 kgs x 5
95 kgs x 3
117.5 kgs x 4 x 4
Incline bench press:
75 kgs x 3 x 10
DB front raises (p/h):
10 kgs x 3 x 10
Seated French press:
28 kgs x 3 x 10
super-set w/Tri-pushdowns:
full stack x 2 x 20, 10
HS chest press (p/h):
40 kgs x 3 x 10
super-set w/HS bicep curls (l&r):
20 kgs x 3 x 8

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