Saturday, September 2, 2017

Events Saturday: All In

Half the PTC Strongman crew at today's clinic.
WITH the raspy return of a voice, and weighing a good five kilos back under SHW status, I walked into PTC Perth today to Eye of the Tiger on the stereo and salutations of "Hey coach!" It seems I was missed.

The crowd was energised, and I had a full dance card and two weeks of my own training to try and make up for, so I was extremely lucky that so many of the team were there to help the newer members. And there are several greenhorns in the mix now, one of whom is Matt. Or Mathew #2 I guess.

This Matt plays rugby and wants to get bigger and stronger for next season, which is January 2018. Naturally, this is going to happen now he's joined PTC Strongman. Carl got him started on a smaller log for clean press as the 12 incher was proving too cumbersome for him to learn the technique properly. Within twenty minutes, Matt was back using the national spec log and lapping, rolling and pressing it like he'd been here all year.

Matt #2 is one of two newbies who arrived last weekend when I was MIA, and got a thorough introduction from Carl. The Lion provided valuable coaching in my absence last week and was there for more of the same today. Steve and Alec also showed their quality, instructing Matt, Mick and Nathan in the finer points of yoke walk and heavy sack picking.

It's a fact: the Yak is back, with a lower back that is no longer whack. We spoke about his treatment and the daily hip mobility exercises prescribed by his new physiotherapist. He and Mick got started with some axle deadlifts before moving on to log press, yoke and other events. This was Mick's first real deadlift session too; axle, from the floor, for three sets of eight at 125 kilograms. Nathan had the same scheme but at 140. The weight did not seem a challenge for either of them (not that it should be), but the axle does add a new dimension to the pull and they both will need more regular work with this apparatus.

I learned today that the Behemoth Mick has met, in their hotel rooms, two of my favourite metal bands; Opeth and Lamb of God. How cool is that?! The mammoth crew at today's session was super-charged by Trivium's Silence in the Snow amongst the usual, auditory pastiche of ACDC, something I think was Kanye West and Beyoncé, cut with 90s commercial dance tracks.

We all dropped our stuff to watch Daniel Part bench 200 kilograms for a very comfortable-looking paused triple, with a slingshot. I am looking forward to seeing what he does in a fortnight at the Perth Cup.

Of course I was not training strongman events today. I have too much to catch up on thanks to the down time I've had these last two weeks. I'd had hopes of training at PTC South Melbourne while I was over east last week, but that didn't happen. I was a mess and had no idea just how sick I actually was until I went for a walk. I couldn't get 500 meters from my hotel without becoming disorientated, sweating profusely and needing to sit down... and it was freezing in Melbourne. Then I realised I'd put my watch on upside down. Most of the time I was there I spent sleeping or chilling in front of Netflix with a couple of friends and a bunch of cold and flu meds. It certainly put a damper on my holiday. But more importantly, it really fucked up my comp prep.

So, the usual, really. Yeah, this is kinda what happens to not just me, but notably me, typically a few weeks out from a comp. I get sick. Regardless, I still pulled 310 today pretty comfortably. I should have either stopped there (which is what I advised people would be the smart thing to do), or gone for 320 to finish the session. Instead I went for 330, as per my original plan for this week. I didn't get it past my knees.

Still reckon I'll pull that and more in a fortnight though.

PULL+ Saturday September 2nd
70 kgs x 10
120 kgs x 5
170 kgs x 5
220 kgs x 3
270 kgs x 1
310 kgs x 1 TPR
330 kgs x FAIL
Bent-over BB rows (overhand):
110 kgs x 3 x 10
HS seated rows p/h (neutral):
70 kgs x 3 x 8 TPR
Seated row cable machine (underhand):
full stack (200 lbs) x 3 x 10
Meadows rows l&r:
50 kgs x 3 x 8
super-set w/Face-pulls:
plate 10 x 3 x 20

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