Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Pull+ Wednesday: Psycho

I STILL have Saturday's clinic to catch up on, which was ho-hum for me, training-wise, but awesome with regard to the crazy rate of improvement and insane dedication demonstrated by my crew. But tonight's pulling session was recorded for some professional scrutiny and I need to get this sorted first. For now,  I'll just leave you with this video of Alec and Carl doing farmers walk in torrential rain.

It was a debilitating session. But good. I had programmed 7 rep sets for deficits this month, but decided I might as well make them 8s, for this session at least. I'm just weird about programming odd numbers for reps. The down side was the bent-over rows (again): on the warmup set my left wrist was not cooperating, so I swapped to overhand. But I'm still not feeling like I'm performing them properly, and dropped the weight back to 110 for the remaining sets.

I'm not big on recording myself training unless there's a purpose behind it. A couple of weeks ago I read an article on the deficit deadlift by Scott Wasson,. I've not performed them before and his piece gave me pause to consider having my own form critiqued. So I broke out the camera and recorded the following:

PULL+ Wednesday July 5th
Deficit deadlifts:
70 kgs x 8
110 kgs x 5
130 kgs x 4 x 8 - 7 rep sets programmed
Bent-over BB rows:
100 kgs x 5 - Left wrist screwed, switched to overhand after this set
130 kgs x 5 - shit form, weight dropped
110 kgs x 3 x 5
HS seated rows (p/h):
55 kgs x 4 x 10
Meadows rows (l&r):
42.5 kgs x 4 x 8
super-set w/Face-pulls:
plate 10 x 4 x 20

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