Sunday, July 30, 2017

Iron Weekend: the Tshirts Have Landed

PTC Perth Strongman
THIS WEEKEND, again, was when I got most of the week's training done. Saturday was the first time I have squatted with a straight bar since early January. It felt a little strange, to be honest, and I wasn't confident of going for the three triples of 230 kilos that are my next target. But after a few reps of 200, my left knee made the decision for me and further squats were canned for the day. This also made deficits on Sunday pretty fucking uncomfortable, but I got them done.

The big news for the week is that the PTC Strongman T-shirts have arrived! I didn't think it was possible but the crew are looking even more fabulous now. They will all be representing strong at next weekend's WASM qualifier at Coventry square, Morley.

Sunday's pulling session was the first time I've had to swap from double overhand to alternate grip on deadlifts. The last rep of the second set is when I swapped over. A little disappointing; this means I won't be doing sets of 200 kilos double overhand... one full set, perhaps.

I needed to work underhand rows back into the program and found the seated cable row machine was less taxing on my left wrist, so I added a few sets in, but dropped a set of Hammer Strength rows and one of Meadows rows. The Meadows rows are really taxing me now. I am glad they drop to 6 rep sets from next week.

On another subject: this is what I'd planned before the tendon detachment. I wanted to have done this by mid-April (LOL):
Deadlift: 340 kg
Bench press: 175 kg
Farmers walk: 150 kg p/h x 20 meters
Log clean-press: 110 kg x 5
Yoke walk: 430 kg x 15 meters

My bench is on target, and I guess I have a plan for after Perth Cup already sorted. I'll also need to throw in heavy sled/prowler drags if I want to pull a truck (or two) come late October... ah yeah, I think I still need to write about my plans for the 2017 Static Monsters. If it all comes to fruition it's gonna be a huge event. More on that later.

PULL+ Sunday July 30th
Deficit deadlifts:
70 kgs x 5
120 kgs x 5
160 kgs x 4 x 8 PR
Bent-over BB rows (overhand):
112.5 kgs x 3 x 8
HS seated rows (neutral):
60 kgs x 3 x 10
Seated rows (underhand):
full stack x 3 x 8
Meadows rows (l&r):
50 kgs x 3 x 8
super-set w/Face pulls:
plate 10 x 4 x 20

SQUAT Saturday July 29th
Stretch w/foam roller
Squats w/comp bar:
30 kgs x 10, 5
80 kgs x 5
130 kgs x 5
170 kgs x 5
200 kgs x 3

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