Tuesday, June 13, 2017

The Week in Review: Bullet Dodging

HIGHLIGHTS of the week that was: an all time new personal record achieved on strict axle overhead press - 100 kilos for three triples. I asked Linus to spot my bench prior to this, which he took to mean lean over me and follow the bar with his hands... I guess I didn't make myself properly understood there; I just wanted someone to grab the bar should I fail a rep, not hover next to it. I reckon I could have made a fourth of 140 were it not for the distraction, but even four reps is below where I'd hoped I'd be. I really lost a lot of benching power during this last rehab, and it was already diminished thanks to the partial thickness tears to my rotator cuff tendons, sustained in late 2015. But the tears never really impacted my overhead, which explains the current disparity between the two movements.

During the previous weekend's clinic I walked a 330 kilo yoke for 20 meters, slow and uncomfortable, but the heaviest I've done in some time so I was pretty happy with that. Then I went and nearly spoiled it by straining, or maybe slightly tearing, my left calf during a prowler pull using PTC Perth Strongman's newest piece of gear, a Spud truck pull harness. Steve was savvy enough to grab footage of the mishap, which I'll embed here just as soon as I figure out how. But the injury was minor, so I still got most of my training done through the following week, though it was a shittier one than average and I didn't get to my pulls and rows till the clinic on Saturday.

EVENTS Saturday June 3rd
Yoke walk:
130 kgs x 2 x 20 meters
210 kgs x 2 x 20 meters
270 kgs x 20 meters
310 kgs x 20 meters
330 kgs x 20 meters TPR
Log clean-press:
45 kgs x 10
Prowler drag:
240 kgs x 12 meters approx. - injury

PRESS+ Wednesday June 7th
Cardio: assault bike 5 minutes @ 50 rpm
Bench press:
bar x 10
60 kgs x 6
90 kgs x 3
120 kgs x 1
140 kgs x 3 - Linus!
Axle OHP (strict):
35 kgs x 6
65 kgs x 4
85 kgs x 2
100 kgs x 3 x 3 PR
Incline barbell press:
60 kgs x 5
85 kgs x 9
Dumbbell front raises (p/h):
10 kgs x 4 x 10
Seated French press:
22.5 kgs x 4 x 10 PR
super-set w/Triceps push-downs:
full stack x 20, 20, 10, 15
HS strength press (p/h):
37.5 kgs x 3 x 10
super-set w/Bicep curls (l&r):
12.5 kgs x 3 x 10

PULL+ Saturday June 10th
Log viper-press:
45 kgs x 10
60 kgs x 3
75 kgs x 3
Deficit deadlifts:
70 kgs x 10
90 kgs x 4 x 8
Bent-over barbell rows (underhand):
90 kgs x 4 x 10
HS seated rows (p/h):
45 kgs x 2 x 10
40 kgs x 2 x 10
Meadows rows (l&r):
35 kgs x 4 x 10
super-set w/Face-pulls:
plate 9 x 4 x 20

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