Tuesday, June 13, 2017

PTC Strongman: Branded. Also, Squat PR!

PTC Perth Strongman: Branded
THERE are huge things brewing this year for PTC Perth Strongman, and for strongman in general. Many hands make light work, as they say; an ironic idiom given the nature of the sport. With the valued assistance of a dedicated team and the constant support of Dan and Paul Rucci, dreams continue to be realised. We now have a fully-equipped training pen, a logo, and team shirts on the way. The Static Monsters are booked for 28th/29th October, so the crew who enter will be able to officially represent.

Big thanks have to go to Mick, the newest member of the team (and honestly the largest human I've met, next to Hafthor), who counts graphic design amongst his eclectic skill set. What you see here are his own designs, knocked up this week. The decision was made to go with the yoke as it's not been done before. But I love them both.

I haven't made the following concrete till now, but in October, to coincide with the ASA Static Monsters, I intend to hold a fundraiser in Malaga for the RSPCA. A truck pull event, because I love truck pull (and state-side, it's a somewhat rare and difficult event to organise), and I'll be pulling the truck in a RompHim.

You read that correctly.
I've been in touch with one of the RompHim sales team, who is looking into making me a tailored RompHim just for the occasion. If this happens... well, it'll be pretty entertaining to watch I'm sure. I just hope they use stretchy fabric, and I don't get too much bigger between then and now (my body weight's up to 136 kilos), or I'm liable to have a wardrobe malfunction on the day.

As for my training; much like my body weight, it's on the up and up. On Sunday I was extremely lucky to have received what felt like nearly an hour of free treatment from the best needle man in town, Stephen Hooper of Body Genius, and Michael, one of his skilled staff. The pair of them worked me over pretty thoroughly as I lay on their portable massage table at the WRPF State Powerlifting Championship. Stephen got right down into the groin on occasion, in full view of the platform and the modest crowd. It's lucky I'm not shy.

Yes. One of these things.
After the treatment I felt a marked improvement in my hip mobility. I hit the gym Tuesday night and squatted both heavier and more comfortably than I have done in nearly a year. But I got a little over confident when I decided to do some hack squats straight afterwards. Those five reps of just the machine were bone scraping bone. I also had some calf raises programmed here which I skipped, as direct calf activation is still not a great idea just now. The tear, or whatever it was, feels almost completely healed and I don't want to mess with it.

SQUAT Tuesday June 13th
Cambered bar squats:
50 kgs x 10
90 kgs x 6
130 kgs x 4
170 kgs x 3
190 kgs x 1
 210 kgs x 3 x 4 PR
Hack squats:
BW x 5 - fuck that!
Axe swings:
plate 8 x 4 x 10 PR

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