Wednesday, June 1, 2016

15 Week Training Template: Countdown to Perth Cup

WELL, that's that then. The 2016 Perth Cup is my next target and here are the programmed money sets for each week of squatting, benching and deadlifting. I've been shirking my accessory work of late so tomorrow night's session will see a return to proper training, and as from next week I'll be performing rows and one or two other movements post-squatting on Tuesdays.

This gives me as much rest time as possible while performing a tried and true, fat powerlifter's 3 day training template. Once I'm back to full health and have more time on my hands I may return pulling to a weeknight, but for now this is solid, I think.

I'm upping my calories as of this week too. Bulking, the pros call it. That's my word for ordering two double quarter-pounders instead of one and chugging three extra shakes a day... some of them protein shakes. Currently walking around at 132, I should be a solid 140 kilos come September. I don't want to go super-heavyweight though. We will see.

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