Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Squats Week 1: I Can Math, Really

NO assistance work or cardio tonight. Just squats. And amazingly, everything felt good. I did all of the stretches before getting under the bar, of course, but tonight was the first time in many months that I've done so with little to no pain, anywhere. 150 isn't heavy, so it's too soon for me to say my knees aren't going to give me hassle in the weeks to come, but tonight they felt great. Most importantly, my left shoulder is cooperating with minimal discomfort and almost full flexibility. Here's hoping I can make a similarly positive report post-benching Thursday.

I've also just now realised that I mis-loaded everything with an extra 10 kilograms! The program called for 150 for 5 sets of 5. This is actually not a bad development at all... I'll just have to tweak the template a little. Maybe even raise my predicted new 1RM.

25 kgs x 10
80 kgs x 8
130 kgs x 3
160 kgs x 5 x 5 TPR

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