Monday, June 13, 2016

But First, the News

THE SPORT of Strongman in Australia has been in a state of flux since I was introduced to it five years ago. 'Grass roots' would be an accurate way to describe it; there was effectively no national organising body, no standardised events, and no athlete's federation. It seemed like, each year, rumours would surface about this situation changing... but nothing ever eventuated. Until now.

According to their mandate, the Australian Strongman Alliance has been created "to facilitate discussion around the creation of a national federation for strongman competition in Australia, with the purpose of elevating grass roots Australian strongman competitors to an international level." They have made me their WA state representative, and I intend to do my utmost to further the cause.

ASA has spear-headed a number of nation-wide events so far in 2015-16. The next one on the calendar is the Static Monsters, a push/pull event comprising a rising bar axle deadlift and log press scheduled for November 27th 2016. In Western Australia, as from next year, PTC Perth Strongman will host ASA-affiliated, state level competitions devised by yours truly. There will be a preliminary qualifier and qualifier held each year, with the intention that podium placers will be eligible to compete in the WASM state championships, with a clear line of sight to national level comps, like the Arnold Australia, for those athletes who make the cut, and the ASA amateur national championship for runners-up. In both instances, ASA members will have the chance to travel and compete for cash and prizes, and meet national and international strength athletes. 

With ASA's now Australia-wide syndication, and thanks to the support of PTC Perth, strongman in Australia is about to reach new levels of excellence. I'm very excited to be a part of it all.
WA Strongman national qualifiers 2012

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