Thursday, June 2, 2016

Bench Etc Week 1: So Far So Good

THIS coming Saturday's pull session will complete week 1 of this epic fifteen week program I've set for myself. It's nothing overly complicated and I pulled it directly out of my ass (which is to say I developed it based on my capabilities and what I expect to be moving in three to four months). Given the time frame, so long as I continue gorging and don't wreck anything else between now and the Perth Cup I should be able to complete it. Or most of it. There's a reason why the last four weeks are all singles; the day I get to a 1RM that taxes me so much I know next week's isn't going to happen, I will stop. Better to finish the program prematurely than fail this close to the comp.

Tonight I got re-familiar with incline pressing and realised how weak I've gotten in that area. Next week I'll be doing max reps at no more than 70 kilos and steadily rebuilding. Also as from next week,  this is where I'll stick pinwheels, or some other direct biceps work. I learned some years ago that not incorporating these at some point in my program can lead to weakened tendons. If you have weak tendons you're gonna have a bad time.

I want an 800 total. It's within my reach IF I can get my bench back up. My program finishes with single reps of a 280 squat, 185 bench and 350 deadlift (assuming - as I mentioned -  it doesn't finish me before I even get there) but on comp day I'll be super happy with 275/180/345: a twenty-five kilo improvement on my squat with modest increases to my bench and dead. And 800 in total. But I'd better get eating... the scales at PTC read barely more than 130 when I jumped on them tonight. Not cool. More helpings of everything required.

I'm excited about Saturday's clinic and my first deadlift session since frigging April 21st.

DB super-set:
supine curls & rotators
4 kgs x 2 of each x 10

Bench press:
15 kgs DBs x 10
Barbell x 8
75 kgs 4
95 kgs x 2
115 kgs x 5s x 5r TPR

Incline press:
60 ks x 8
80 kgs x 5
90 kgs x 4 or 5

DB forward raises:
10 kgs x 3s x 10r

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