Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Press Wednesday: Win Some Lose Some

warmup w/bands

Bench press
60 kgs x 10
90 kgs x 8
110 kgs x 3
120 kgs x 1
130 kgs x 4 FAIL

DB OHP (strict)
left only
31 kgs x 3
36 kgs x 3
46 kgs x 1
51 kgs x 1
56 kgs x 4 PR

bodyweight: 127 kgs
+ 10 kgs chain x 12
+ 10 kgs chain x 12
bodyweight x 12

20 kgs x 20
35 kgs x 20
45 kgs x 20 TPR

I'VE DONE better than this, just two months back. I wanted at least 7 reps for my money set, but would have been happy with 6... and didn't even make fucking 5. This is because I lost tension and my arch collapsed on the first rep. From there, everything felt wrong. Guess I'll try again next week.

The overhead press made up for it, though. Kinda. I started with the Oly dumbbell bar and fat grip and built up in those awkward increments as the bar weighs 6. The idea was to keep things simple, but wth my gym brain I'm still not entirely sure I didn't do an extra warmup set.

Also solid, almost entirely pain-free barbell pressing at a weight I'm sure I haven't done twenty reps of ever, ever (because when the hell do I do twenty reps of anything anyway), so I'm calling it a record.

Oh yeah. Tomorrow night, I may do twenty rep sets. So... that's when.

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