Sunday, August 18, 2013

Events Saturday: Alongside Greatness

warmup w/bands

Yoke walk
135 kgs x 15 meters x 2
215 kgs x 15 meters
255 kgs x 15 meters
295 kgs x 15 meters
335 kgs x 15 meters

OHP axle
35 kgs x 15
40 kgs x 15
45 kgs x 15
50 kgs x 15

Farmers walk
50 kgs x 15 meters x 2
90 kgs x 15 meters x 2
110 kgs x 15 meters x 2
130 kgs x 15 meters

A PRETTY solid session for me today, no new records to speak of but I'm feeling pretty good about the yoke and farmers walk, though the yoke did fuck something up to the left of my left thoracic area again, a complaint I've had since the last comp which needs needling, or massaging, or both (something, anything!). I'm switching all my two-handed overhead pressing to an axle from here, in preparation for the WA Strongman finals, and also because the movement is becoming more comfortable for me, which is really good news.

Well, I can't say deadlifting tomorrow night is going to be win, but it's going to happen. If this weekend has done one thing, it's made me re-evaluate my perceptions of what dedication, sacrifice, and strength can really mean.

Anything happening in the strongman pen today was of little consequence compared with the goings-on indoors. One of the strongest Powerlifters in the world, Brandon Lilly, was in the Pit giving one-on-one deadlift coaching. We'd had dinner with him and his wife the night before. He's a nice guy with a lot of great stories to tell; something I'll elaborate on very soon.

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